Advantageous Positioning

U.S. Integrity’s management team and advisory board are comprised of industry experts who have developed and nurtured relationships in sports data, wagering operations and integrity services throughout the U.S.

Our Differentiated Approach



U.S. Integrity does not manage risk or offer wagering lines. Consequently, it remains the only market participant that doesn’t encounter the inherent ethical conflicts that permeate our industry. Our partners and clients can safely and comfortably share with us their insider and proprietary information.



Our conflict-free approach and commitment to ethics, confidentiality, and transparency has elevated our stature within the integrity industry at a rapid pace. U.S. Integrity believes that our clients do not deserve a nominal integrity provider, but instead, one that will partner with them to provide valuable and insightful services.

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Purpose of Integrity Monitoring

  • Transparency into wager being placed in the U.S.
  • Facility of channels to provide information securely
    • Line Movements
    • Abnormalities
    • Injuries & Event Information
    • Event Statistics
    • Wagering Activity
  • Use of technology for customization and flexibility
    • Categorizing and inspecting integrity threats
    • Monitoring integrity reports

Fraud Prevention

  • Monitoring of odds that sports books offer at times of wagers.
  • Identifying similarity in patterns of particular bettors.
  • Monitoring cross state wagering syndicates.

Consulting Services

  • Investigations into abnormal betting situations
  • Supervision and premeditated planning advice
  • Creation of third party reports (as requested) for:
    • Gaming control boards
    • Regulators
    • FBI and other authorities
  • stance in investigations of all types using archived data