Purpose of Integrity Monitoring

  • Transparency into wager being placed in the U.S.
  • Facility of channels to provide information securely
    • Line Movements
    • Abnormalities
    • Injuries & Event Information
    • Event Statistics
    • Wagering Activity
  • Use of technology for customization and flexibility
    • Categorizing and inspecting integrity threats
    • Monitoring integrity reports

Fraud Prevention

  • Monitoring of odds that sports books offer at times of wagers.
  • Identifying similarity in patterns of particular bettors.
  • Monitoring cross state wagering syndicates.

Consulting Services

  • Investigations into abnormal betting situations
  • Supervision and premeditated planning advice
  • Creation of third party reports (as requested) for:
    • Gaming control boards
    • Regulators
    • FBI and other authorities
  • stance in investigations of all types using archived data

Safeguarding Integrity and Security

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